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I have just read your May issue from cover to cover (literally) and I think it is one of your best ever. In our troubled, COVID-19 days, when we are all self-isolated, and there will likely be a strain on the general mental wellbeing of the nation, having an issue with such a positive emphasis on mental health was timely and, no doubt, welcomed by many. Luckily for runners, we still have the luxury and privilege to be able to go outside. We may no longer be able to race, but we can still justify going out in the fresh(er) air and soaking up a bit of Mother Nature. All this benefits our physical and mental health.

We are very glad you enjoyed the May issue, focused on mental health. We're rather proud of it. Hopefully, it serves as a timely reminder of how our wonderful sport can help and offer respite in times of crisis. offer, while I wistfully think how much running I could’ve done with all this time off work under other circumstan­ces.

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BRIGHT SIDE Dee Haily has the right idea

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