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Why I love Run Things


‘Run Things Run Club means never having to run alone. On the dark days, when even pulling on running kit is hard work, knowing there’s a virtual group out there who understand,

and who have your back, makes all the difference.’

‘To me, Run Things Run Club is a hidden gem and one that quite literally changes lives through finding it. Joining a virtual run club takes away the stress

of having to schedule in a run for those who are busy and also the anxiety that may come for some at the idea of joining a more traditiona­l running club. Best decision I made!’ never been greater. People are seeking new ways to interact, talk about running and find the motivation to exercise at home. Run Things does just this.

But this wasn’t exactly the plan – in fact, it was kind of an accident. Kevin and Clare started with the idea of organising fundraisin­g events, which people could participat­e in during their own time, such as The Run Up to Christmas, an advent calendar for runners to fight isolation over Christmas

Run Things now runs three fundraisin­g events a year and is fully establishe­d as a running club, complete with a running coach and a physio; they are also in the process of becoming the first running club in the UK to offer a club therapist.

Being a not-for-profit means Kevin and Clare can focus on providing the best service to the community of runners that need it. ‘We charge £25 for a lifelong membership, which gives access to our Facebook group, where we do most of our communicat­ions, and to the club colours,’ he says. ‘Any money we make from membership­s, we reinvest into the web platform so that one day, we will have a fully equipped platform on our website, where people can message, share their PBs and get training plans and tips from our coaches.’

Run Things now looks ahead to a future where they can have an even bigger impact on the running community. ‘We are already reaching out to so many countries around the world, and we want to be able to create hubs and small community groups to connect our members even more,’ says Kevin. ‘Everyone in our club is invested in what we do because they know we are committed to nothing else but the social good.’

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