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times, runners would be forgiven for feeling a bit lost about how to continue training. Spring races have been cancelled, running is restricted and there is even uncertaint­y regarding autumn goals. Many of you will have built your fitness through the winter and into spring, and might be wondering, ‘What now?’ Here are my top tips to help you through the next few weeks.

Put your health first

Health is crucial to performanc­e. Now, more than ever, is the time to respect this. The coronaviru­s affects the cardioresp­iratory system, so you will put yourself at risk if you continue to exercise with symptoms. Rest for the duration and for at least seven days after your symptoms have subsided, and keep up to date with the latest government and NHS guidance.

Descend the peak

Climbers talk about the danger zone at high altitude. This is the zone they train for, but which also brings the most risk. Runners also have a peak. Many of you were getting there just as your race was cancelled or postponed, so you need to take yourself out of that zone. While you want to preserve some of the fitness you have built, you can’t aim to extend that peak through to the autumn without risking tiredness or injury. A period of four to eight weeks of lighter, less structured ‘foundation’ training is a great plan right now.

Scale back

Descending the peak is different for all of us. For some, it might mean cutting

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