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Men! Feel better about yourself: grow a beard!

The beard has often been viewed with suspicion (what’s he trying to hide? Weak chin?) and much-deserved derision (hipsters), but now its time may truly have arrived


MALE RUNNERS IN ISOLATION: now is the time to grow the ‘ultra’ beard! Not only will you be joining the long line of runners with exceptiona­l facial foliage (eg ultrarunne­r Rob Krar: see above for all the evidence you need), but new research suggests you may also make yourself more attractive. The study, published in the scientific journal PLOS One, suggests men with facial hair are considered more swoon-worthy than their clean-shaven counterpar­ts. Preference­s for beards were highest, according to the study, in women ‘with the strongest reproducti­ve ambition’. This is believed to be a result of the assumed (although unproven) correlatio­n between fertility and good looks. Won’t or can’t grow a beard? Get faster, then. Another study1 suggested women are attracted to endurance-running prowess because it suggests higher levels of testostero­ne.

 ??  ?? BEARD AND WONDERFUL Rob Krar knows how to wear
facial hair
BEARD AND WONDERFUL Rob Krar knows how to wear facial hair

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