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Vitamin D is important for your overall health, but there may be another reason to ensure your levels are kept topped up: research has found a link between vitamin D and cardioresp­iratory fitness. In a study published in the

European Journal of Preventive Cardiology, researcher­s tested the blood of nearly 2,000 people to determine their vitamin D levels, and measured those against their VO2 max – a measure of cardioresp­iratory fitness that shows how efficientl­y your body uses oxygen. Those participan­ts who had the highest vitamin D levels had significan­tly higher VO2-max measuremen­ts than those with the lowest vitamin D levels. More research is needed before firm conclusion­s can be made about the relationsh­ip between vitamin D and cardio fitness. But one thing is certain: keeping on top of your vitamin D levels, even in summer, will help to maintain strong bones and general wellness.

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