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Serv­ing sol­diers posted let­ters back home to Ruther­glen this time 100 years ago, and they all car­ried the same wish... “We hope this war will be over soon”. With win­ter clos­ing in, lo­cal ser­vice­men were dread­ing a fifth suc­ces­sive year of fight­ing on for­eign soil.

Lit­tle did they re­alise that the Ar­mistice Day peace agree­ment was less than three weeks away.

Sol­diers sent dozens of let­ters to the Ruther­glen Evan­gel­i­cal In­sti­tute every week, which up­dated the com­mu­nity on their health and well­be­ing.

These were then pub­lished in the Re­former’s‘Notes From The Front’ col­umn.

Be­low are three of those let­ters printed this time a cen­tury ago.

John L Muir wrote:“I ex­pect to be very busy in a day or two, and we are just stand­ing to, as it were, wait­ing on some­thing com­ing off, which of course I can­not speak about un­til it is over.

“...we seem to be get­ting the up­per hand on the en­emy now, and we hope that ere long dread­ful war will fin­ish and al­low the boys to take up the or­di­nary life and con­tinue the good work of the In­sti­tute, which I trust will con­tinue to pros­per and be a power for good in the Old Burgh.”

Joseph Mc­Cor­mack apol­o­gised for not writ­ing sooner.

“I have been mov­ing about from place to place this last four months,”he wrote.“And it has been im­pos­si­ble to send any per­ma­nent ad­dress.

“But I know you al­ways find a means of get­ting to know how I am. Though I have not writ­ten for a long time, I never for­get the In­sti­tute and the many friends, past and present, I have had there.

“Give my kind re­gards and best wishes to all the work­ers; I hope to be able to pay you and them a visit be­fore the end of the year.

“I am keep­ing in good health and look­ing for­ward to the day when we will all meet again in Ruther­glen in the same old way with no war to blight the joy of meet­ing so many old friends again.”

Driver T Maskell wrote:“The weather is get­ting cold and rough now – a sure sign of the com­ing win­ter.

“I of­ten won­der how many more win­ters we will have out here, for every one seems worse than the pre­ced­ing.

“Still, we have a lot to be thank­ful for. We seem to be go­ing along and do­ing well all over just now.

“I hope this will be the be­gin­ning of the end.”

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