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General Knowledge Quiz


1. What is the only chess piece that cannot be captured?

A A bishop

B The queen

C The king

D A rook

2. Who had a top ten hit single in 1987 with Got My Mind Set On You?

A Paul McCartney B Ringo Starr

C George Harrison

D John Lennon

3. Which French socialist asserted that property is theft?

A Pierre-Joseph Proudhon B Charles Fourier

C Karl Marx

D Gustave Flaubert

4. Which group had a 1982 top ten hit with All Of My Heart?



C Fleetwood Mac

D The Smiths

5. Of which country was Juan Perón the president? A Uruguay

B Argentina

C Brazil

D Peru

6.Which Amazon Prime Video drama thriller, starring Peter Capaldi and Jessica Raine, has been commission­ed for two more series?

A The Witching Hour

B The Devil’s Hour

C The Eleventh Hour

D Zero Hour

7. Which American songwriter and composer wrote Rhapsody in Blue, An American in Paris and Porgy and Bess?

A George Gershwin

B Scott


C Leonard Bernstein

D Stephen Sondheim

8. What was the career of the Norwegian Roald Amundsen?

A Footballer

B Explorer

C General

D Inventor

9. Which British boxer defeated Oliver McCall in 1997 to regain the world heavyweigh­t championsh­ip?

A Frank Bruno

B Lennox Lewis

C Chris Eubank

D Prince Naseem Hamed 10. What was the name of the ruling dynasty of Portugal from 1640 to 1910?

A Braganca

B Quixonte

C Juan

D Malagancia

11. Which decisive battle of 31 BC ended the civil war in ancient Rome?

A The Battle of Actium

B The Battle of Mons Grapius C The Trojan War

D The Battle of Romulus

12. What children’s gameshow was hosted by DJ Pat Sharp and allowed kids to run amok in a house to win prizes?

A Mad House

B Fun House

C Crazy House

D Nut House

13. What was Mr T’s character in The A-Team called?

A Face

B Murdock

C Hannibal

D B.A. Baracus

14. In which US state is the city of Tacoma?

A Washington B North Dakota C Michigan D Florida

15. With which musical instrument is Vladimir Horowitz associated?

A Violin

B Cello

C Piano

D Harpsichor­d

 ?? ?? Jessica Raine See Question 6.
Jessica Raine See Question 6.

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