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THERE ARE NUMEROUS enticing places to see when it comes to exploring Rwanda, but no trip would be complete without spending time in the capital city. The Country’s centre of politics and commercial life is the developing show-piece of Rwanda’s rebirth, designed specifical­ly to impress visitors ranging from tourists to foreign businesses.

Alongside the city’s enticing business district which you will undoubtedl­y spend time in during your trip, there are many sights to see within the city to pay homage to its rich history. Chief among them is the Presidenti­al Palace Museum - the formal abode of President Habyariman­a - where you can get a guided tour to provide an insight into life as an African dictator.

Perhaps if you are looking for something a little more light-hearted to do in your spare time then ten-pin bowling could provide an evening’s entertainm­ent for you and your colleagues and of course not forgetting the numerous wonderful dining options to enjoy.

There is a particular­ly interestin­g mix of influences in the food you will find in the country, particular­ly in Kigali where there is a strong Belgium culinary influence which includes plenty of beef, freshwater fish and endless fresh vegetables. You will find it is a particular­ly relaxed dining experience in Rwanda, with most places taking approximat­ely 45 minutes for your food to arrive. However, if you are looking for a quick snack, there are several African buffet style restaurant­s located all over the major cities.

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