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The SRP Racetech stream­liner at­tempted its first proper run out at Elv­ing­ton air­field in York­shire on June 19. The team, led by Paul Baker and Stu­art Day, were there to give the ma­chine a shake­down test and check per­for­mance. This was the first time the stream­liner had made a full one mile run, with the in­ten­tion of check­ing all of the sys­tems, so if any prob­lems arose they could be ironed out be­fore a se­ri­ous at­tempt is made.

The weather on the day was fine with no heavy cross­winds which might se­ri­ously af­fect the han­dling. The first run was rather timid in its ap­proach at a moder­ate 61.3mph but it must be re­mem­bered that the en­gine can’t be run in on the road, only out on the track. With ev­ery­thing look­ing fine the throt­tle was opened up slightly more for the sec­ond run which achieved 83.6mph. It soon be­came ap­par­ent that the en­gine was run­ning way to rich as it wouldn't pull in fourth gear or get into the power band. Un­for­tu­nately, some­one for­got (no names men­tioned) to pack the full set of jets to clean the car­bu­re­tion up.

Nev­er­the­less with what was avail­able to hand it al­lowed the en­gine to rev out more on the third and fi­nal run of the day. With a recorded speed of 107.5mph, this was a real state­ment of the po­ten­tial this ma­chine has. Stu­art Day said: “It did this speed at 7600rpm in top gear so it has plenty more to go.” Though the gear­ing is be­ing kept se­cret at the mo­ment, it must be pre­sumed that it will rev out past 10,000rpm so those of you who are tech­ni­cally minded can work out the po­ten­tial top speed.

One of the most im­por­tant tests was the han­dling and whether it would ac­tu­ally ride in a straight line. There were no re­ports of any prob­lems or speed wob­bles, which can hap­pen when run­ning with a full front fair­ing. Though there were one or two small is­sues such as the jet­ting, over­all the team were very happy with how ev­ery­thing per­formed.

As men­tioned in the pre­vi­ous re­port pre­par­ing and test­ing a ma­chine for a top speed record at­tempt is a very la­bo­ri­ous and long one. Not only does it have to be de­signed and built but then tested be­fore ev­ery­thing is right to make the at­tempt. That’s why oth­ers in the past have failed but thank­fully this team are tak­ing the cor­rect ap­proach to achieve their goal. Fur­ther runs are planned for later in the year. We will keep you in­formed of progress and be there when the proper at­tempt takes place.

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