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Camp­ing gets less ap­peal­ing as I get older; the hang­overs hurt more and now… my slope back seat is be­gin­ning to feel a tad un­com­fort­able! In search of com­fort and with a re­luc­tance to change my race seat to some­thing more sen­si­ble we pur­chased an ‘Airhawk’ some time back. How­ever, Ly­dia be­ing a reg­u­lar pil­lion rider means that she gets first dibs on its use. So in need of an­other cush­ion I trawled the in­ter­net to see what other op­tions there are in the world of mo­tor­cy­cle seat com­fort. This brings me to the Wild Ass prod­uct range. It’s essen­tially a very sim­i­lar prod­uct to ‘Airhawk’, but with vary­ing op­tions to suit dif­fer­ent riders (some­thing that was very in­trigu­ing). For those of you un­fa­mil­iar with the con­cept, these seat cush­ions use an in­flat­able in­sert that lifts the rider away from the seat. Which in turn re­duces un­com­fort­able pres­sure points on your rear end, while also re­duc­ing vi­bra­tion.

The Wild Ass comes in three guises

There is the ‘Wild Ass Lite’ which is essen­tially the same prod­uct as the more well known ‘Airhawk’. How­ever, the Lite comes in at a much more palat­able price point. The pil­lion shaped (ideal for slim scooter seats) one re­tails at £99.99 which in com­par­i­son to £120 for the ‘Airhawk’ is much friend­lier on the bank bal­ance. Per­son­ally, I’d say this was ideal for those look­ing for more com­fort but un­sure about the ben­e­fits of an air cush­ion. Once you try one of these, you’ll won­der how you ever did it be­fore!

In ad­di­tion to this there is the ‘Wild Ass Air Gel’, a very tech­ni­cal prod­uct em­ploy­ing three lay­ers of polyurethane and an ad­di­tional gel layer. This is for the more sporty rider. The gel layer al­lows for a ‘close to the bike’ ex­pe­ri­ence while hav­ing the op­tion to im­prove com­fort by fall­ing back to the air cush­ion on longer dis­tance rides. Pos­si­bly one for the street rac­ers and two stroke hooli­gans among the scene! These re­tail at a mid-range price of £174.99.

Fi­nally, at the top of the pile there is the ‘Wild Ass Clas­sic’. This is made from med­i­cal grade neo­prene with a real em­pha­sis on com­fort and ro­bust­ness. The ma­te­rial choice has been se­lected for the ul­ti­mate in elas­tic­ity and nat­u­ral feel­ing when in use. You can cer­tainly tell the dif­fer­ence when com­par­ing this with the Airhawk. The ma­te­rial is im­pres­sively thick and the qual­ity is high, it (al­most) makes a 300-mile ride on a Lam­bretta a plea­sur­able ex­pe­ri­ence! An­other small plus is the straps have slightly more ad­just­ment mean­ing a se­cure fit can be achieved on my nar­row Scootopia slope back seat. Un­for­tu­nately, as we all know qual­ity gen­er­ally comes with a price tag and these re­tail at £199.99 for the pil­lion vari­ant.

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