Good Thing!

After read­ing Mike Col­lum’s Scooter Boy Tale in the March edi­tion, where he NEARLY was in the Fine Young Can­ni­bals Video, Good Thing, I de­cided to put pen to pa­per.

Scootering - - Kickstart -

It was an­other great Wed­nes­day night at the Cam­den Palace in Lon­don, and after cut­ting some mean shapes on the dance floor a young bloke ap­proached me... “Would you like to be in a video?” he said. Of course the first thing that popped into my head was ‘how X-rated is it go­ing to be?’ But alas, no such luck. He then men­tioned it was for a pop mu­sic video and would take place the fol­low­ing day at a dis­used ware­house in the East End. So the next morn­ing, after phon­ing in sick at work, I ar­rived at the lo­ca­tion and to my sur­prise found fel­low Jok­ers SC mate Dun­can Patey (later of the Vespa Club of GB) and two oth­ers I be­lieve were from the A41 Ea­gles al­ready there. They’d ob­vi­ously gone for the four best look­ing blokes they could find, ahem. Also there was the man him­self Jeremy Howlett and the in­fa­mous cus­tom Lam­bretta... Wake. I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. What a day this was go­ing to be! As you can imag­ine, the day turned into a typ­i­cal video shoot. Lots of stand­ing around wait­ing for re­take after re­take of the band per­form­ing or should I say mim­ing to Good Thing. When it was our turn, the Ea­gle boys posed and gave the cam­era ‘the look’. When it was my turn they asked me to sit on the Lam­bretta and to “love the cam­era”. Yuck! While sit­ting on Wake I didn’t mind wait­ing; I just sat there mar­vel­ling at the in­tri­cate de­tails of the paint and en­grav­ing. I re­mem­ber look­ing at the switches and no­ticed there was a small piece of chromed metal that was glued over the plas­tic. Of course I had to touch and while flick­ing the head­light switch the bloody piece came off! It was like be­ing in a Pe­ter Sell­ers com­edy.

There I was try­ing to put it back on, fid­dling away, try­ing to qui­etly stick it back on while no one was watch­ing; stop­ping each time they said ‘ac­tion’ be­fore the make-up lady came over, only to carry on while they all fluffed away dur­ing takes. At one point the young lad asked if I could do the fancy dance I was do­ing at the Cam­den Palace. ‘What was it?’ he asked, so I had to try and ex­plain North­ern Soul and its his­tory/life style. After a brief ex­pla­na­tion the di­rec­tor asked to see it, and within a cou­ple spins he loved it and asked me to do it for about 10 min­utes, to no mu­sic, while he just got his shots. At the end of the shoot, he let the other three go but asked me to stay. Well, you can imag­ine how my ego bal­looned, I was clearly ‘the man’. They got me to sit on a Lam­bretta chop­per, 8ft off the ground, on a thick pane of glass. The cam­era went un­der, over and around me. In all I was there for an­other eight my sur­prise found my fel­low Jok­ers SC mate Dun­can Patey and two oth­ers I be­lieve were from the A41 Ea­gles. Also there was the man him­self Jeremy Howlett and the in­fa­mous Wake cus­tom Lam­bretta.

hours. They even put eye drops in me ev­ery few hours and they were get­ting red­der and more tired as the night wore on. I re­mem­ber talk­ing to some­one and asked ‘Why us?’ Ap­par­ently the drum­mer was a bit of a Mod/60s en­thu­si­ast. When he heard the song he men­tioned, ‘Hey, we’re an Eight­ies band with a 60s kind of song. There’s a thing called Scooter Boys who are of to­day but love their 60s mu­sic. Let’s marry the two to­gether.’ That sounded great to me. The next day they asked us to bring along some mates – they’d like to film us rid­ing around town. So we got some fel­low club mem­bers and met at R.Agius Scoot­ers at the Edg­ware Road. After it was all com­pleted they took the four of us out to a spe­cial launch at a fancy, mem­bers-only night club. The pro­duc­tion team didn’t like the owner of the club so asked us to pre­tend we were the next BROS, and to pre­tend as if we were go­ing to be the next best thing in the pop world. So there we all were in jeans and green bomber flight jack­ets cov­ered in patches, we cer­tainly looked the part. The band name? The Scooter Boys, of course.

The club owner took the bait hook line and sinker. We were plied with free drinks all night long and given our own VIP area. Numpty. When the vid fi­nally came out I was proud as punch, though to be hon­est I was also a lit­tle gut­ted too. The ex­tra eight hours of film­ing me on the chop­per… well it ended up be­ing two sec­onds on the video and all you see is the back of my leg. All that time and ef­fort for two sec­onds of my leg! But if you freeze frame other parts, you can see I’m there in all my glory!

I spoke to the pro­duc­tion team about all the lost footage. They stated that if I visit the of­fice with some VHS tapes they’d be more than happy to load them up for me. Un­for­tu­nately, by the time I got there the mas­ter tapes had al­ready been shipped off to the US par­ent com­pany. You can imag­ine how gut­ted I was. It would have been so great to have for pos­ter­ity pur­poses. I re­mem­ber the re­ac­tion the video caused when it came out. Both guys and girls alike would come up to me as if I was some sort of celebrity, which I wasn’t. It was all quite strange but great fun at the same time. I was told by a pro­fes­sional once to al­ways have some­thing spe­cial on my CV, some­thing in­ter­est­ing that’ll make me stand out. Well guess what, I’ve had it on my CV all my life even to this day.

When I ap­plied for the com­pany I cur­rently work for here in New Zealand, it’s pretty much all they wanted to know about in the in­ter­view. I’ve been here 10 years now, so was it a ‘Good Thing’ to do? What do you think! Sorry Mike. John Bianchet

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