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Name: Rob Stewart or ‘Dave’ Scooter club & town: Dog­house SC, Louth. How and when did you first be­come in­ter­ested in scoot­ers: Louth has al­ways been a place you’d see a scooter. What was your first scooter: PX125. Brand spank­ing new! What is your favourite scooter model: Lam­bretta GP & Vega. What is your favourite style of cus­tom scooter: I’m a bit like Ber­tie Bas­sett. I like all sorts! First rally or event: ‘Skeg Ve­gas’, 1980. How did you get there: In my friend’s par­ents’ car. We were 10 years old. Any sto­ries: More­cambe. We lost Rob­bie Fox. Gary and I turned back 10 miles look­ing for him. In the process Gary ran out of petrol, only for us to find Rob­bie com­ing to­wards us in a van. It turned out he’d ran out of petrol, got a lift and never told us! Favourite and worst rally/event: All ral­lies are what you and your mates make them. I’ve never had a bad one. Fun­ni­est ex­pe­ri­ence with a scooter: Kelso. Rid­ing be­hind Les and a bird came out of the bushes straight into his hel­met. Feath­ers ev­ery­where! What do you like about ral­lies: Hav­ing a week­end away with mates. Sim­ple! Favourite cus­tom scooter of all time: John Wil­son’s Vega, ‘Tales of the Un­ex­pected’.

Name of scooter & rea­son: Cer­berus In­spi­ra­tion for project and theme: Dave Sims’ chop­per, ‘Tan­ger­ine Dream’. I loved the frame and it was a dif­fer­ent style of chop­per. Time to build & by who: Four­teen months by Shaun Bar­ley. Any spe­cialised parts or frame mods? What and by whom: Too many to men­tion. All hand-built by Shaun Bar­ley with an RB220 en­gine slapped in. Has the scooter won any show tro­phies: Best En­gi­neered – Whitby Na­tional Rally 2018 Best in Show – Whitby Na­tional Rally 2018 Best in Show – Good Things 80s – Don­caster 2018 Best Od­dity – Bangers and Mash 2018 Is there any­one you wish to thank: Shaun Bar­ley for all his fan­tas­tic work, Dave Sims for the in­spi­ra­tion, ‘Me Julie’ for her con­tin­u­ous and un­di­vided sup­port through­out, Casey Stewart (my son). All the Dog­house RC for their help in get­ting me to the other side… in par­tic­u­lar Nick Th­waits and Lee Thorn­ton.

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