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Name: David De­laney How and when did you first be­come in­ter­ested in scoot­ers: In 1983 I watched a Be­ta­max copy of Quadrophe­nia and was hooked. What was your first scooter: 1984, a three-speed Vespa 90 for £50 (thanks Dad). What is your favourite scooter model: Vespa 90SS. I have had sev­eral over the years and re­cently added my Holy Grail, Nor­rie Kerr’s multi-cham­pi­onship-win­ning K1. What is your favourite style of cus­tom scooter: Full bod­ied street racer with en­gine and rider to back it up! Also any­thing dif­fer­ent and out the norm’. First rally or event: ‘We­ston-su­per-Mud’, 1984. Slept in a bus shel­ter un­til a tramp told us to get off his bed! Later a cou­ple came in eat­ing fish and chips; when they left it was a race to the bin for the left­overs. How did you get there: On the train with mates. First rally on my scooter was Clac­ton ’85. Favourite and worst rally/event: More­cambe runs were al­ways spe­cial, great booz­ers. Porth­cawl ’86, wasn’t great for many rea­sons. En route we had to stop to syphon fuel into milk bot­tles on a car sales fore­court to keep us run­ning through the night (be­fore lock­ing fuel caps and 24-hour sta­tions).

Scooter­ing magazine fea­ture: Back in the day it was Nor­rie Kerr’s monthly ar­ti­cle, ‘How to make ’em bleedin’ quick’ with ex­cerpts from his ex­cel­lent book, Tun­ing Ves­pas the Nor­rie Kerr Way. Nowa­days it’s the rac­ing re­views and dyno prod­uct re­views. Cool stuff: Lam­bretta: LTH clutch. Vespa: DRT in­ter-change­able pri­maries. Use­less stuff: The Beed­speed 10-spring clutch, at that time seemed an evo­lu­tion, but you needed to be Pop­eye to op­er­ate it.

Name of scooter & rea­son: NK1 as a trib­ute to the scooter’s orig­i­nal and sole pre­vi­ous owner, Nor­rie Kerr. Time to build & by who: I built the en­gine and run­ning gear. Steve left it to me to spec­ify all the com­po­nents to suit my needs for rac­ing. En­gine spec: Malossi MHR 132cc, com­plete with MHR reed valve cylin­der in­duc­tion Crank: Malossi MHR full cir­cle, 51mm stroke/97mm con rod. Carb: Del­lorto 30mm VHSH. Ex­haust: Nor­rie Kerr sig­na­ture. Clutch: Newfren 24-spring. Gear­box: Stan­dard loose gears with DRT tree (21-tooth 4th). Port­ing and en­gine build by: David De­laney. Dyno done by: First run done at Jah­speed but since at Coastal Trip­pers Scooter Work­shop. Any­one you wish to thank: All the spon­sors who have sup­ported us, Steve Chap­man, VE UK & Coastal Trip­pers Scooter Work­shop. SRP Racetech along with all the team spon­sors and our dear friend Ian Fran­k­land – RIP. Spe­cial thanks goes to Steve Chap­man for his gen­eros­ity and en­trust­ment for me to spec, build and race NK1. Mark Hod­getts for his crafts­man­ship. VE UK for sourc­ing most of the fid­dly lit­tle parts.

Get­ting go­ing

Dave is no stranger to scooter rac­ing as he com­peted with Nor­rie Kerr’s famed Team Vespa on a va­ri­ety of 90SSs back in the 90s and Noughties. Dave was set to swap from his SRP-backed Pro­duc­tion Class Lam­bretta to NK1 mid-sea­son, but this was un­for­tu­nately halted fol­low­ing a se­ri­ous head in­jury while com­pet­ing at the An­gle­sey Cir­cuit. Dave’s ini­tial run time on NK1 was there­fore lim­ited un­til he was able to re­turn fully to­wards the end of the 2017 sea­son. Un­de­terred, re­cent pre-sea­son test­ing at Mal­lory Park showed some en­cour­ag­ing signs, and both man and ma­chine look set to de­liver some ex­cit­ing re­sults in the 2018 race sea­son ahead. With all the work com­pleted, it’s now time to put the plan into place and we wish Dave and Steve all the very best for the fu­ture in their joint ven­ture. For 2018 the Vespa Club of Bri­tain in con­junc­tion with VE UK are spon­sor­ing the best placed Ves­pas within the Pro­duc­tion Class, and what a great time for Vespa rac­ing!

17: Done. 18: Mas­ter cylin­der assem­bly. 19: Hub-mounted disc brake. 20: First time out at Cad­well 2017.

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