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Name: Pete Pul­leyn (Piggy) Job: Post­man. Scooter club & town: North­ern SC Leeds but live in York. How and when did you first be­come in­ter­ested in scoot­ers: Just caught the back end of the mod/2-Tone era in the early 80s and al­ways wanted a scooter. First scooter: Vespa PK80. Favourite scooter model: Se­ries 2. Favourite style of cus­tom scooter: 80s style street rac­ers. First rally or event: Scar­bor­ough 1986. How did you get there: Vespa. Any sto­ries: There was a lot of steal­ing go­ing on, some­body nicked my mate’s head­set top! Favourite event: Love Cleethor­pes. Fun­ni­est ex­pe­ri­ence with a scooter: Go­ing to More­cambe ’87-ish, two-up on my Vespa and not be­ing able to get up a hill! My mate had to get off and walk only to be greeted by a layby full of cheer­ing scooter­ists! Some of whom I knew! Took some stick that week­end! Fur­thest you’ve ever rid­den on a scooter: Great Yar­mouth in late 80s. What do you like about ral­lies: The fact that you see peo­ple you haven’t seen for years and it’s like you saw them yes­ter­day. What’s your favourite Scooter­ing magazine fea­ture: Show Us Your Scoots. Your favourite cus­tom scooter of all time: Al­ways loved Sign of the Snake.

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