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Name of scooter and rea­son: Dom­i­na­tor. When we were teenagers grow­ing up in late 70s/early 80s, Reghams lo­cal Lam­bretta dealer came up with these bikes and I al­ways wanted one. When I smashed my GP up I thought no­body had ever re­pro­duced one, so I got in touch with Maca who sprayed them orig­i­nally and this is the re­sult. Well chuffed! Scooter model: GP 200. Date pur­chased and cost: Bought in 2005 off Stu Thurston (The Em­poror) who’d done a lovely paint job on it for me. Cost about £3500. In­spi­ra­tion for project: Go­ing back to my youth and the amount of time we use to spend in Reghams. Time to build & by who: Just over a year. Built by my mate Jase Pot­ter and sprayed by Maca. Any spe­cialised parts or frame mod: Orig­i­nal seat, orig­i­nal 80s flipover back rest and Se­ries 2 clutch lever. En­gine spec: Kit: RT225. Crank: 58 x 110. Carb: 28mm Del­lorto. Ex­haust: BGM Club­man. Clutch: Up­rated stan­dard. Gear­box: GP200 with 19/46 sprock­ets. Port­ing work by: Port­ing work done by Jase Pot­ter. Dyno done by: Dyno done by Chisel Speed. De­scribe en­gine per­for­mance, power de­liv­ery and scooter han­dling: Very re­spon­sive and crisp. A bit slower with a big lad like me on! Are there any other unique de­tails we have missed: Had to put piggy on the tool­box as I’ve al­ways been known as that since I started ral­ly­ing. Top speed & cruis­ing speed: 70mph top, and 60mph cruis­ing. Paint­work & mu­rals done by: The bril­liant Maca at DTC. What was the hard­est part of the project: Track­ing down old pho­tos of Dom­i­na­tors as there weren’t many done. In hind­sight, is there any­thing you would have done dif­fer­ently: Noth­ing I would of done dif­fer­ently; it’s all gone fairly smoothly. Is there any­one you wish to thank: Jase Pot­ter for all the me­chan­ics and re­search he’s done. Maca for the bril­liant paint­work. Dan Guest for his help with the re­search and fi­nally my fi­ancée Vicky for putting up with me while we’ve been do­ing it.

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