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THE DAILY MAIL offers readers a unique opportunit­y to re-establish contact with long-lost relatives and friends. Each week, MONICA PORTER features the story of someone trying to find a missing loved one, as well as a tale of people reunited. This column is produced in conjunctio­n with the voluntary tracing service, Searching For A Memory, run by Gill and John Whitley. MalcolM Griffin writes: i AM organising a reunion this September of boys who started at Rutlish School, South London, in 1954 (when John Major joined) and between 1958 and 1960.

My photo shows the 3rd team rugby side whose members joined at this time. With just 13 players, they lost a lot! Those i am trying to find include: Nigel Florence, Chris Gimblett, Roger Addison, Nick Landsberg, Rod Ebbons, John Strattford, Jim Good, Derek Pullen, ian Semmons and John Martell.

The school was strong in sport, and had rugby, cricket, Eton fives, tennis and athletics. There was a Combined Cadet Force with a rifle range. And we had a glider.

Some old boys joined the Church, and a couple became Bishops. The school had a strong Hong Kong connection and many ex-pupils joined the Police there and HSBC.

in the Fifties, the school relocated from next to Merton Park railway station to behind the Nelson Hospital.

The old sports field was directly above the Northern Line. Sometimes batsmen were given out bowled when they missed the ball, as a rumbling Tube train shook the bails off. Oh, and comedian Les Dennis is the grandson of the old head of biology!

 ??  ?? Unlucky? Rutlish School’s 3rd XV, which only had 13 players
Unlucky? Rutlish School’s 3rd XV, which only had 13 players

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