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BOOZY bakes are causing a buzz, with The Great British Bake Off’s Luis Troyano rustling up cocktail-inspired doughnuts in last week’s episode.

Served in martini glasses, filled with Bailey’s and topped with straws, Luis’ creations reflected the alcoholste­eped puds that are dominating food blogs and social media.

The trend comes as no surprise — citrus-based cocktail-dessert hybrids are a winning combinatio­n, as the sweet/sour acidity of both fruit and booze cuts through cream and sugar with refreshing results.

Chefs Lorraine Pascale and Jemma Wilson offer their own mojito-themed bakes, with Jemma’s cupcakes packed with white rum, lime zest and topped with candied mint leaves. Both of their recipes can be found online.

And we’re partial to Pudding Lane’s (the popular blog by baking blogger Lucy Burton) take on a British classic: gin and tonic cake. A fortified lemon drizzle cake, it’s bolstered by four shots of gin, with a glaze of icing sugar, gin, tonic and lemon juice.

If you’re a little more adventurou­s, why not try the deep-fried tequila angel cake — cubed, soaked in Jose Cuervo’s finest, fried and dunked in icing sugar.

The only thing you’ll regret the morning after one of these boozy bakes is the calorie count, (typically, the average slice of cake contains 120 calories — the same as one unit of alcohol).

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