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His first star role – with Prince and their very upper-crust Eton chums

- by Guy Adams

THESE days, the backdrop is usually a star-studded red carpet. But during his teenage years, Eddie Redmayne tended to be pictured in an even more exclusive setting. The 33- year- old actor, man- of- themoment at last night’s Bafta awards, posed in a number of fascinatin­g photograph­s during his time at Eton, including several with his contempora­ry, Prince William.

One shows Redmayne starring in a house play, Pravda; another sees him standing on the steps of the College chapel as fellow choristers lark about behind him; a third depicts him posing with William and fellow members of an under-16 rugby side.

‘We were on the same Colts B team in 1997,’ Redmayne has recalled. ‘I always felt slightly sorry for Will because everyone wanted to tackle the future King of England. He took all the hits.

‘I’m pretty sure Will was more intimidati­ng than I was. I don’t think I intimidate­d anyone in my life. I haven’t seen him since school, but he was a lovely man.’

Perhaps the image Redmayne is proudest of dates back to 2000, when he and the Prince achieved a signal honour: they were elected to The Eton Society, a body known as ‘Pop’, which contains roughly 20 of the most popular final year students.

The elite group, the equivalent of prefects, are selected by their peers, and have a string of duties, including organising tours of the £ 35,000- a- year boarding school for prospectiv­e parents.

In return, they are allowed to wear brightly coloured waistcoats, which you can see being proudly displayed in the main photograph — with its swaggering echoes of those famous shots of Oxford University’s Bullingdon Club.

We know all about Redmayne’s successes, but what became of the other members of this ultraexclu­sive club?

1. George Broke

HE IS noted in West London’s posher party circles for his devotion to fancy dress, but he comes from the most blue-chip of background­s: his father, also George, was Equerry to the Queen. After gaining a 2:1 degree i n anthropolo­gy f r om Durham, he took a j ob with accountanc­y firm Grant Thornton, but now works as business developmen­t manager to the Priory Group, which runs the £2,500-aweek celebrity rehab clinics.

2. Eddie Redmayne

STOLE the show in school production­s of Jesus Christ Superstar (he played Herod), Passage to India ( pl aying a woman — Adela Quested), A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Pravda, before studying history of art at Trinity College, Cambridge. Earned a BAFTA Rising Star nomination for 2011’s My Week With Marilyn, and plaudits in the 2012 TV series Birdsong. This year, he’s mopping up awards for his portrayal of Stephen Hawking in The Theory Of Everything. Married Hannah Bagshawe in December.

3. William Wales

PICTURED in a tiger-print waistcoat, our future King’s Eton wardrobe also included a waistcoat made from his football team Aston Villa’s purple and light blue livery. After St Andrews university, he became an RAF Sea King search and rescue pilot. Finished active service in 2013.

4. Tony Selwyn

AN ENVIRONMEN­TAL consultant, Tony works for London firm WSP advising on road and railway projects. Was previously in Doha for seven years. Has a substantia­l beard and, like Prince William, is a motorcycle enthusiast.

5. Tom Roberts

TOM studied accounting and finance at the London School of Economics before joining Torch partners, an investment bank focusing on tech and internet ventures. His twin sister, Laura Roberts, is a former Daily Telegraph journalist who is now head of press for ITN.

6. Alistair Balfour

WENT to the University of Pennsylvan­ia, where he studied Internatio­nal Relations, before working for UBS. Is now an associate with TowerBrook Capital Partners, an American private equity company.

7. David Ferreira

ONE of the most gifted Etonian sportsmen of his generation, David, the son of Bermuda lawyers, captained the school squash, basketball and cricket teams, was on the first XI for football and first XV for rugby, and was the Atlantic Junior Open golf champion. While studying PPE at the University of Pennsylvan­ia, he was selected to play cricket for Bermuda. He later won a Rhodes scholarshi­p to Oxford, before going i nto the l aw, working first for Linklaters in London and Singapore, and more recently for the U.S. firm Logan Circle Partners.

8. Alexander True

WENT to Bristol University, before going into the City to seek his fortune. After a few years as an investment consultant with Credit Suisse, he moved to Newton Investment Management, and is currently an investment manager at Sarasin & Partners, a London asset management firm.

9. Harry Aubrey Fletcher

THE son of Sir Henry Aubrey Fletcher, Lord Lieutenant of Buckingham­shire, Harry was one of Prince William’s closest school friends, and they remain close. His 2011 marriage to Louise Stourton (a cousin of No 13 Ivo Stourton) was attended by Prince William and Kate (Wills was an usher). Later, Harry was photograph­ed tweaking the Prince’s ear, in a private box at Cheltenham races. Last March, William and Kate went to Louise’s raucous birthday party at Bunga Bunga, a karaoke bar and restaurant in London where diners are entertaine­d by Elvis impersonat­ors and drag queens.

10 Jamie Wrightson

HIS dad is Sir Charles Mark Garmondsay Wrightson, 4th baronet. His maternal grandfathe­r was Bertrand Dawson, George V’s physician. The f amily pile is Neasham Hall, County Durham. Despite this background, Jamie left England after university to seek his fortune in China. He spent several years working in Shanghai, but now lives in Singapore, where he works in shipping for the Wallem Group. Became engaged to Spanish girlfriend Cristina Alvarez last year.

11. Tristan Rodgers

STUDIED economics at Edinburgh before spending five years at PwC, the accountanc­y firm. Now working in property, he is finance director of Newcore Capital Management, a real estate investment management fi r m which puts money i nto ‘ alternativ­e’ projects such as student housing, social accommodat­ion and healthcare facilities.

12. Tomas Stael Von Holstein

A TUBBY schoolboy, Tomas went on a gap year to India. He returned several stone lighter, having decided to devote his life to yoga and meditation. After a stint working for Kids Company, the London charity run by Camilla Batmanghel­idjh, he founded The Art of Meditation, a firm which runs meditation retreats in France and the English countrysid­e. A f ew years ago, Tomas appeared on Gordon Ramsay’s F-word TV show with Harry Walsh, cooking in a team of old-Etonian amateur cooks who were dubbed ‘posh gits’ by the irascible Michelinst­arred chef.

13. Ivo Stourton

IVO is a man of parts. The son of broadcaste­r Ed Stourton — the former Today Programme presenter nicknamed ‘posh Ed’ — he gained a double first in English from Corpus

Christi, Cambridge, before pursuing unlikely dual careers as a lawyer and novelist. By day, he toils as an associate at London legal firm Slaughter and May. By night, he churns out books. Three have been published so far, most recently The Happier Dead, a sci-fi thriller. Close to Redmayne at Eton, he has also written a number of plays, including one about the Vietnam War in blank verse which won plaudits at the Edinburgh festival. Met his wife, Natasha, at law school.

14. Edward King

THE son of Eton Housemaste­r John King (who was mischeviou­sly nicknamed ‘Juan’), he is now Dr Edward King, a junior research fellow at St Catharine’s College, Cambridge, specialisi­ng in Latin American Cultural Studies. He flirted with a career in journalism, and once worked at The Week magazine, but according to his website, is these days ‘pursuing his interest in connection­s between technology and culture in Latin America’ and will devote 2015 to organising a symposium on ‘Orientalis­ms in Latin American culture’.

15. Ed Millais

AFTER leaving Eton, Ed found God, in a big way. Having trained as a barrister (he once worked at Holman fenwick Willan), he decided in 2011 to take a year off to volunteer as a group leader at his local church, St Andrew’s Chelsea. That year turned into two, and then three. He can now be found running the Sunday School and after-school club at Christ Church, Mayfair. A keen shot and fly fisherman, he’s married to a maths teacher, Alice; they have a young daughter.

16. Vachan Kashyap

SUPER-BRAINY, he won a scholarshi­p to Eton and became one of the first ever ethnic-minority ‘captains’ or head boys. He then went to Magdalen, Oxford, and in his first term met future wife Liz (they were cast opposite each other in a student production of Oscar Wilde’s Salomé). Now lives in putney, works at Jp Morgan bank and has two small children.

17. Hamish Barne

A FORMER soldier, Hamish spent nine years in the Scots Guards, serving in iraq and Afghanista­n. He was also an adjutant at Trooping the Colour in 2011, and for a time worked as Equerry to the Duke of Kent. He left the Army in 2013, and spent two months of last year driving from London to Cape Town in a truck, to raise money for charity.

18. Matt Lowe

THE president of ‘pop’, who won a music scholarshi­p to the school, he is now a profession­al cellist, who played for the BBC Symphony Orchestra at the opening night of the proms last year (they performed Elgar’s The Kingdom). He also still teaches cello at Eton and coaches the school’s String Quartet.

19. James Parry

A SCHOLAR, who was joint head of school with Vachan Kashyap, James is believed to be a lawyer. in 2012, he was working at Herbert Smith.

20. Harry Walsh

A GRADUATE of Newcastle (he studied accounting and economics), Harry is now an investment manager at Rathbones. He married Sam Spencer in hi s native Gloucester­shire i n 2012 and, touchingly, has since called himself Harry Spencer Walsh.

21. Dave Walston

FARMER Dave helps to run his f amily’s 2, 250- acre estate in Cambridges­hire, and is involved in their Wagyu beef business, about which he regularly blogs and tweets. Last year, he became the subject of a heated protests after unveiling plans to plonk a solar farm on Green Belt l and near the village of Thriplow. The applicatio­n was rejected in December by planners.

 ??  ?? A strong back row: Eddie Redmayne and Prince William (both circled) were stalwarts of the same rugby team at Eton in 1997
A strong back row: Eddie Redmayne and Prince William (both circled) were stalwarts of the same rugby team at Eton in 1997
 ??  ?? Promising newcomer: Eddie in the 1997 production of the play Pravda
Promising newcomer: Eddie in the 1997 production of the play Pravda
 ??  ?? Praisewort­hy: Eddie keeps a straight face as fellow choristers cavort
Praisewort­hy: Eddie keeps a straight face as fellow choristers cavort
 ??  ?? Sartorial elite: The 17-year-old William lounges against the wall in a tiger-striped waistcoat while fellow prefect Eddie, next to him, appears to be taking it all very seriously
Sartorial elite: The 17-year-old William lounges against the wall in a tiger-striped waistcoat while fellow prefect Eddie, next to him, appears to be taking it all very seriously
 ??  ??

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