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1 Check your Unique Number in the MyMail panel on the back page of today’s newspaper.

2 Each day, we’ll print five lines of six numbers in the newspaper. If you match all six two-digit numbers from the back page with any one of the sets of numbers in today’s paper, you can claim today’s jackpot* of £7,000. * The jackpot will be shared if there’s more than one winner.

3 Readers matching FIVE two-digit numbers on any one line inside the newspaper can claim £50. Readers can also claim a bonus prize of 25,000 Mail Points from Mail Rewards. Online access required. To claim your Mail Points, you will need to be an online member or set up a MyMail account.

4 If the jackpot is not claimed by 5pm on the day of publicatio­n, it will roll over to the following day. YOU MUST CLAIM BY 5PM.

5 If there is no Unique Number printed on your newspaper, do not phone. Log into your MyMail account and use our missing numbers system to generate a Unique Number that will be displayed in your statement. Or write your name and address in the panel on the back of the paper and send it to: Daily Mail March £1,000 Draw, PO Box 595, Blackburn BB2 9JN. You will be entered into the monthly draw for £1,000. Closing date for entries is

April 7, 2015. If we don’t have winners by 5pm, the jackpot will roll over, so tomorrow’s could be £8,000! When a jackpot has been claimed, the prize will start at £1,000 the following day. HOW TO CLAIM

1 If you’ve matched Six two-digit numbers or FIVE two-digit numbers on any one line in today’s newspaper, call 0844 800 0812 today between 9.30am and 5pm. You must claim before 5pm on the day your numbers appear in the newspaper. Any claims after 5pm will be void.

2 Every claim must be verified by your complete original winning newspaper. More details at


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