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Girl who took a sip of milk ...that turned out tobe glue


A GIRL of six ended up with a mouth full of glue after taking a gulp of contaminat­ed milk.

Jessica Bamford screamed and spat out the ‘white hardened substance’ after drinking from a full-fat bottle bought at a supermarke­t.

Her parents rushed her to hospital, where medics said it ‘smelt like false nail glue’. The ‘shaken’ schoolgirl, below, was left with red marks around her mouth, which have since faded.

Her mother Samantha Bamford, 31, said: ‘ The last thing you expect is hardened adhesive in a food product. It’s just lucky she didn’t ingest it because this could have been a completely different situation.’

The incident happened after Jessica sipped from the plastic bottle at her home in Plymouth. The milk, bought at Iceland, began solidifyin­g in her mouth. Her mother said: ‘Iceland said I have to have a hospital note then I can send the milk back and they’ll check for contaminan­ts.’

She added that by the time she gets a note, the milk ‘will be gone off and contaminat­ed anyway’. Iceland said: ‘We’re sorry to hear about this.’

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