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THERESA MAY’S thigh-high black boots l eft many wondering whether it was suitable attire for a Home Secretary. On the contrary.

If anything, it was a votewinner among all of us women who have suffered similar middle-aged fashion misjudgmen­ts.

At least it proved she’s human, which is more than can be said for most of today’s female politician­s.

ED MILIBAND’s l atest wheeze i s to champion a ‘Turing law’ to pardon gays convicted of gross indecency in decades past. Curious, isn’t it, that while political leaders fall over themselves to court the pink vote, there is not one openly gay man in the Cabinet or Shadow Cabinet.

LABOUR’S Chuka Umunna says he feels uncomforta­ble when women s ay he’s ‘gorgeous’ and wants to be acknowledg­ed f or hi s principles. He may not be the most attractive MP, but he’s certainly the vainest.

LABOUR MP David Lammy thinks people who shoplift from the corner shop should get tougher sentences than those who steal from M&S, as he says the richer stores can take the hit. extending his logic, thieves who rob rich people should also be shown leniency. Well, that’s one way to justify the mansion tax!

PLEBGATE Tory MP Andrew Mitchell has to pay PC Toby Rowland £80,000 for falsely accusing the officer of lying.

Even Rowland said it was a ‘minor incident’.

What a crazy world where a copper gets a fortune for hurt feelings while a soldier who suffers a severe brain injury fighting for our country has to face a battle just to get the compensati­on he deserves.

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