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The verdict: ‘It’s a terrible invention. I’m sorry, Guy, it’s made me really angry. And it’s £4.99 and you can buy them full of water for 80p. It’s ridiculous. It’s ludicrous. I’m sorry, but I’m out.’


THE PITCH – Mr Jeremiah began his presentati­on by dumping hundreds of empty plastic water bottles at the feet of the Dragons. His point was that his colourful, collapsibl­e bottle was reusable so would reduce waste and help the environmen­t. The entreprene­ur explained it went hand in hand with a free water sources campaign to introduce fountains for refilling the bottle. Bannatyne hated the idea so much he threw the bottle across the Den into the pile, indicating that it, too, was rubbish.

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT – Marks & Spencer loved the idea, stocked the Aquatina bottle and soon it was on sale in 16 countries, selling more than 100,000 units. The prod- uct, made in Sheffield, was later replaced with the even more successful Ohyo collapsibl­e drinks bottle with a spout. Sales of that now approach one million. Mr Jeremiah’s c ompany is expanding into the US and new versions of the bottle are being brought on stream.

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