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The Bannatyne verdict: ‘I don’t see a big market for it. There is no profit in this, so for that reason I’m out.’ ENTREPRENE­UR – NATALIE ELLIS THE PITCH

– There was no shortage of praise in the Den for Miss Ellis’s spirit. She had battled back from a stroke to bring her non-spill pet travel bowl to market. And yet Bannatyne and his fellow Dragons still underestim­ated her. Asking for £120,000 for 15 per cent of her company, she was told that her plans to expand into the US market were pie in the sky and that she would be ‘eaten alive’ in the States. WHAT HAPPENED NEXT – Miss Ellis became a millionair­e. Crack the US? She achieved that with such aplomb she was asked to design a White House shaped bowl for President Obama’s family pet Bo, pictured. In 2008, the year she appeared on the show, turnover hit £1million. Later the bowl went on sale in US retail giant Walmart’s stores. Miss Ellis reflected: ‘Sometimes I think I would like to sell it but I have so many more ideas to bring to fruition.’ She made her first million-pound profit in 2010 and never looked back.

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