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Our Frankenfoo­d American trade deal


The proposals could see these US products turning up on our plates: BEEF: Most US cows are pumped up with hormones, which are thought to cause cancer in humans. DAIRY: US dairy cows get hormones to boost milk production. American dairy products were banned in the UK in 2000 as the hormones can cause cancer in humans and harm cows. CHICKEN: US chickens get antibiotic­s to speed up growth. This was banned here in 2006 as it encour- ages superbugs to develop. Americans also wash chickens in chlorine, which can cause cancer. ADDITIVES: Six artificial colours were removed from UK children’s food after being linked to hyperactiv­ity. They are still commonly used in the US. PESTICIDES: 82 pesticides banned in the UK are allowed on US farms, despite evidence that they harm the environmen­t and disrupt our hormones. GM: GM crops appear in US food products, which have not been subjected to UK safety assessment­s.

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