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MISSING . . . and FOUND!


THE DAILY MAIL offers readers a unique opportunit­y to re-establish contact with long-lost relatives and friends. Each week, MONICA PORTER features the story of someone trying to find a missing loved one, as well as a tale of people reunited. This column is produced in conjunctio­n with the voluntary tracing service, Searching For A Memory, run by Gill and John Whitley.

‘ We are a group of exstudents of Westminste­r Technical College, London, who took the first national diploma course in catering and hotel-keeping, 1961 to 1964,’ writes John Macy.

‘Some of us are still in touch, but despite searching websites such as Friends reunited and Facebook for several years, we’ve been unable to trace the others.

‘as we are all now hitting our 70s, we’re keen to find our missing companions for a reunion this year. The people we’d like to trace are: Mike Bean, Mick Lee, robert McCartney, roger Gillespie and Stuart James.

‘We studied cooking and restaurant service, which had both a theory and a practical side. The college had large kitchens f or the various courses, one of which was a chefs’ course. The restaurant we were trained in was, and is, still open to the public.

‘In my photo, wearing suits, are Mr Burfield, an expert in wines and beverages, and Mr Owen, who taught restaurant service. We also studied French, accounting, housekeepi­ng and maintenanc­e. after graduation we went our separate ways — I to Northern Ireland, Jamaica and Saudi arabia, with spells in London in between.

‘One student, ann Lilley, was catering manager at the Home Office, ITV and BP, before running her own catering company, then having her own cookery show on BBC essex.

‘another, Tim Moss, who organises our reunions, left catering after five years to produce the first frozen desserts distribute­d to caterers nationally, before switching to bakery products, working first in France, then in the U.S.

‘Our careers have been rich and varied, and we’d really like to reunite.’

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