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I’VE tried to grow snowdrops and daffodils without success. A few flowers appear in the first year, then nothing, and the bulbs no longer have roots. Crocuses flourish and gardens nearby don’t seem to have the problem.

Jack Chappell, Blackpool. NARCISSUS bulb fly is the likely cause. Adult insects l ay eggs in l ate spring before the foliage dies away. on hatching, grubs attack the bulbs, destroying the roots. surviving bulbs produce poor leaves and few flowers. only daffodils and their relatives are affected; crocuses are not.

No chemical treatment is available, so dig up and dump affected bulbs to destroy any remaining larvae. Plant no more bulbs for a year and then buy only wholesome, firm ones in 2016.

Plant those deeply, firm down the soil around the bulbs — and keep your fingers crossed.

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