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Unilever boss in 24pc pay boost


UNILEVER chief executive Paul Polman received a 24pc pay hike for the period in which third quarter sales were the worst for four years.

The consumer goods giant behind Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream, Persil and Marmite, paid Polman received a total of £6.9m, which includes a base salary of £865,000 and various other benefits. This was an increase from £5.6m in 2013.

While the firm bounced back in the fourth quarter with underlying sales up 4.1pc much of this was due to improved performanc­e in emerging markets which saw sales grow 8.4pc.

This was an improvemen­t on the third quarter when rising onion prices in India and freak currency issues were behind the anglo-Dutch firm’s worst quarterly trading performanc­e in four years.

Polman had been forced to sound the alert over disappoint­ing sales after a large decline in a raft of currencies all at the same time.

However, he insisted there had never been a profit warning.

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