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“It’s tough

When a team loses players”


salvation in ensuring the conveyor belt of talent remained well-oiled and that high standards were maintained.

A first Norwegian title in 43 years in 2013 not only spoke of his resourcefu­lness and iron will. It proved to be key to him becoming Celtic’s next manager six months later.

With the best will in the world, McNamara is unlikely to follow suit by winning the Premiershi­p this season.

But Deila speaks from personal experience when he talks of the cathartic nature of being able to roll with the punches when most outsiders have you slumped on the canvas.

‘I know how he feels,’ Deila said. ‘And it’s especially tough when you lose players in the middle of the season as you don’t have time to get others in or have the preseason period to get them to understand the systems. That’s always the hard part.

‘But Dundee United are a very good example of how to develop young players and how to play good football.

‘I’ve watched them many times and they look a lot like what we want to do. Maybe we’re a little bit different in the defence, maybe we’re more aggressive and they’re a counter-attack team.

‘But they try to play and they have young players with legs and an understand­ing. They are a good team and a good club. They will have motivation in these games but we will, too.’

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