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MP Tracey Crouch was ab­so­lutely right to say that strug­gling fam­i­lies wor­ried about cuts to tax cred­its should con­sider giv­ing up their pay-TV sub­scrip­tions.

She’d told The Spec­ta­tor mag­a­zine: ‘Some of my most heart-break­ing cases are those that come to me say­ing they are strug­gling and then you go through with them their ex­pen­di­ture and in­come… and ac­tu­ally they just haven’t re­alised some of the sav­ings that they need to make them­selves. You know, it can be things like paid sub­scrip­tions to TV.’

Al­though she was vil­i­fied by the Left, some Labour MPs have given their sup­port. Vet­eran back­bencher Frank Field says: ‘I think she’s very brave… It’s part of a very nec­es­sary de­bate.’

For­mer MP Tom Har­ris asks those crit­i­cal of Crouch: ‘Do you think peo­ple in re­ceipt of state ben­e­fits should be im­mune from hav­ing to economise?’

Nei­ther Field nor Har­ris has much to lose. But there will al­ways be those who see po­lit­i­cal ad­van­tage in op­pos­ing the idea that ben­e­fit re­cip­i­ents should take re­spon­si­bil­ity for their spend­ing.

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