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Gemma McCormick’s death, aged 44, in a rid­ing accident oc­ca­sioned un­pleas­ant on­line mes­sages from in­ter­net trolls, in­clud­ing ‘bril­liant news’, ‘mur­der­ing bitch’ and ‘serves her right.’ Rachel Bax­ter, 41, from Maiden­head in Berk­shire, posted a four-word mes­sage say­ing: ‘Karma. I salute you.’ Af­ter­wards, Ms Bax­ter said: ‘I could have worded it bet­ter but I’m en­ti­tled to my opin­ion.’ She’d know all about that, I sup­pose. She pro­vides le­gal ad­vice for a young peo­ple’s char­ity. A suit­able four-word mes­sage to Rachel is: ‘Char­ity be­gins at home.’

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