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£3,000 TO BE WON!



NO ONE claimed our rollover jack­pot yes­ter­day, so it is be­ing added to to­day’s top prize, and ev­ery­one who buys a copy of the Daily Mail can win £3,000. If you want to see whether you are a win­ner, turn to the back page of your copy of the pa­per where you will find your unique num­bers. Check them against the five lines of num­bers in the panel on the right, and if ALL Six match ALL those in the Same line, you can ring us and claim to­day’s jack­pot — it’s as easy as that! If you find you are able to match only Five of your num­bers, don’t worry, be­cause you are still a win­ner — we’ll give you £50! That’s the sum won yes­ter­day by es­sex Mail reader Mrs una scar­lett, of Colch­ester. so far this year, we have had a to­tal of 655 win­ners, with 137 of them claim­ing a jack­pot and 518 read­ers match­ing five of their num­bers to win £50. Over­all in 2015 we have given away £342,900.

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