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- Michael Ashcroft · Elizabeth II

Tory deputy chair­man Lord Ashcroft has been speak­ing of a se­cret wish that he had been a 16th-cen­tury ex­plorer. Talk­ing to An­tiques Trade Gazette about his col­lec­tion of Vic­to­ria Crosses (the big­gest in the world), he was asked what he would have been if he hadn’t gone into busi­ness and pol­i­tics. he replied: ‘I am nat­u­rally in­quis­i­tive, en­er­getic and out­go­ing. I would love to have been an ex­plorer. If I had lived nearly 500 years ago, I can imag­ine my­self sail­ing around the world on be­half of el­iz­a­beth I and try­ing to dis­cover and ex­plore un­in­hab­ited ar­eas of the world on be­half of Queen and coun­try.’

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