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He­len’s the girl with the swirl

- By Sam Creighton Show­busi­ness Re­porter

­SHE­ never ­fails ­to ­catch ­the eye­ –­ and­ Dame­ He­len-Mir­ren­ cer­tainly­ made ­sure that­ she­ was­ cen­tre­ of ­at­ten­tion ­dur­ing­ her ­lat­est-red­ car­pet ­ap­pear­ance. The ­70- year-old­ ac­tress swirled­ the­ skirt­ of­ her ­ ­ flow­ing­ Dolce­ & ­Gab­bana dress­ high­ into­ the­ air­ ass he­ ar­rive d­at­a­ glam­orous show busi­ness­ even t­at­ the-week­end. The ­Bri­tish­ ac­tress ­play­fully posed ­for ­the ­cam­eras ­in­ a white ­gown ­which ­boasted an el­e­gant ­train ­as­ well­ as in­tri­cate­ lac­ing ­on­ the ­shoul­ders­ and ­long ­sleeves. The­ Os­car-win­ning­ star, who ­of­ten ­wears pieces ­from­ the ­high-end ­fash­ion­ house, com­pleted­ the­ look­ with gold­ san­dals,­ a­ gold­ neck­lace and­ a­ black­ and­ gold clutch­ bag. Dame­ He­len,­ who­ is­ mar­ried ­to­ film ­di­rec­tor ­Tay­lor Hack­ford,­ also ­70,­ was­ wear­ing the­ stun­ning­ out­fit­ for the­ Amer­i­can­ Acad­emy­ of Mo­tion­ Pic­ture­ Arts­ and­ Sci­ences’­ Gov­er­nors ­Awards in ­Los­ An­ge­les. Other­ vet­eran ­ac­tresses ,in­clud­ing­ Jane­ Fonda ,­77,­ and Meryl­ Streep ,­66,­ were­ also at­ the­ party .­ Miss­ Fond a­ wore cropped­ black­ trousers­ with a­ black­ and­ metal­lic­ gold jacket ,­ while­ Miss­ Streep opted­ for ­a­ black­ se­quined dress­ with­ star­ de­tail­ing

‘Stun­ning out­fit’

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