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1 Check your Unique Num­ber in the MyMail panel on the back page of to­day’s news­pa­per.

2 Each day, we’ll print five lines of six num­bers in the news­pa­per. If you match all six two-digit num­bers from the back page with any one of the sets of num­bers in to­day’s pa­per or on­line at (they don’t have to be in the same or­der), you can claim to­day’s jack­pot* of £3,000. *The jack­pot will be shared if there’s more than one win­ner.

3 Read­ers match­ing FIVE two-digit num­bers on any one line in­side the news­pa­per can claim £50.

4 If the jack­pot is not claimed by 5pm on the day of pub­li­ca­tion, it will roll over to the fol­low­ing day. YOU MUST CLAIM BY 5PM.

5 If there is no Unique Num­ber printed on your news­pa­per, do not phone. Log into your MyMail ac­count and use our miss­ing num­bers sys­tem to gen­er­ate a Unique Num­ber that will be dis­played in your state­ment. Or write your name and ad­dress in the panel on the back of the pa­per and send it to: Daily Mail Novem­ber £1,000 Draw, PO Box 595, Black­burn BB2 9JN. You will be en­tered into the monthly draw for £1,000. Clos­ing date for en­tries is De­cem­ber 7, 2015. If we don’t have a jack­pot win­ner by 5pm, the jack­pot will roll over, so tomorrow’s could be £4,000! When a jack­pot has been claimed, the prize will start at £1,000 the fol­low­ing day.


1 If you’ve matched Six two-digit num­bers or FIVE two-digit num­bers on any one line in to­day’s news­pa­per, call 0808 272 0808 to­day be­tween 9.30am and 5pm. You MUST claim be­fore 5pm on the day your num­bers ap­pear in the news­pa­per. Any claims af­ter 5pm will be void.

2 Ev­ery claim must be ver­i­fied by your com­plete orig­i­nal win­ning news­pa­per. Don’t miss tomorrow’s Daily Mail to win. More de­tails at

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