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This tit for tat over ti­tles is just a lot of twad­dle


STATE­MENTS, state­ments every­where and not a drop of sense. When it was sug­gested last week that Rangers and Celtic were cur­rently in­dulging in a three-year-old ar­gu­ment, a wag­gish col­league piped in with: ‘You mean 300-yearold …’ Quite. If any­one thinks that the bullish declaratio­ns from Dave King, at such odds with his ear­lier apolo­getic tone, were in­tended to en­lighten and shape the re­vived de­bate over tax af­fairs and ti­tle strip­ping, they clearly haven’t been pay­ing at­ten­tion. King is bang­ing the drum in or­der to whip up a sort of de­fi­ant fer­vour and fever­ish loy­alty from supporters, hardly a novel tac­tic at a club where Charles Green was able to hood­wink so many with his reg­u­lar in­tem­per­ate out­bursts. And good luck to the Rangers chair­man. You won’t find any­one in the busi­ness of sell­ing news­pa­pers com­plain­ing about juicy quotes that could have been writ­ten with a head­line in mind. That doesn’t mean we have to buy any of his ar­gu­ments, of course. Supporters of other clubs have been pre­dictably riled by his veiled threats and bel­liger­ent swag­ger. Which was also kind of the point, right? Celtic’s point­edly-mild in­ter­jec­tion in the EBT/Big Tax Case/ti­tle strip­ping, mean­while, was aimed firmly at keep­ing their supporters on­side. No clar­ity is in­tro­duced to muddy wa­ters, noth­ing is gained be­yond Brownie points from those who, if you can fol­low this, be­lieve a club no longer in ex­is­tence should have a history they no longer possess per­ma­nently amended, rob­bing them of hon­ours that don’t be­long to them any more, any­way. It all feels a bit tit for tat…

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