Scottish Daily Mail

Labour’s spending surge


HOUSING Labour will borrow £15 billion every year to build more than one million new homes in five years; half of them council houses.

LIVING WAGE Raise minimum wage to £10 an hour. Current plan to increase it to £9 will cost firms £1bn.

RAIL £9billion to re-nationalis­e rail companies.

WORKERS’ RIGHTS £2billion giving self-employed access to benefits such as maternity pay.

NATIONAL INVESTMENT BANK £500billion on broadband, railways, and energy infrastruc­ture.

EDUCATION £4billion to deliver lifetime access to education and training. Funded from a 2p rise in corporatio­n tax.

SICKNESS BENEFITS Potential £3billion in sickness benefits. Labour will scrap the work capability assessment.

MIGRANT FUND £50million to help councils with high levels of immigratio­n cope with increased demand for public services.

BUSINESS TAXES £8billion of higher taxes on business to pay for an education maintenanc­e allowance for sixth-formers.

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