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It’s Kate, the lady in red (Part Two)

- From Rebecca English Royal Correspond­ent in Canada

IT seems red is fast becoming the Duchess of Cambridge’s favourite colour.

After dazzling her Canadian hosts in a crimson cocktail dress earlier this week, Kate yesterday stepped out in a stunning scarlet coat.

She wore the £1,190 princess design by Carolina Herrera – complement­ed with maroon Tod’s heels and a Mulberry clutch – on the day she and her husband posted their first tweet.

Bizarrely the royal couple sent their message via the decades-old method of a telegraph machine at Macbride’s museum in the gold rush town of Whitehorse, Yukon. In 1959 the Queen sent a telegraph

‘It’s quite challengin­g’

while she was visiting the town, in the far northwest of Canada.

Yesterday William and Kate signed the museum’s virtual guest book in morse code on the telegraph machine, which was transforme­d into a digital message and sent via the Twitter handle telegraph_tweet.

The tweet read: ‘The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Whitehorse, Yukon, September 2016.’

Last night was their only night away from Prince George and Princess Charlotte on the eightday tour of the country.

Last week it was revealed they would be staying at a rather humble three-star, £95-a-night hotel in the town.

The day before, the couple had their stomach for diplomacy tested to the limit when they sampled a very suggestive-looking local delicacy at a food festival.

William and Kate were a model of discretion when presented with phallic-shaped geoduck clams. William admitted: ‘Presentati­onally they are quite challengin­g.’

But Kate declared a dish of thinly sliced raw clam in a miso and mustard sauce to be delicious.

‘There is a slightly firmer texture to this,’ she said. ‘It’s really unusual. I’ve never seen it before. It’s so fresh from the sea.’

 ??  ?? Smart in scarlet: Kate yesterday
Smart in scarlet: Kate yesterday
 ??  ?? Ready for anything: William and Kate brave the traditiona­l clam dish
Ready for anything: William and Kate brave the traditiona­l clam dish
 ??  ?? Off-putting: The clams before cooking
Off-putting: The clams before cooking

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