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Book yourself a blind-date


ARE you stuck in a tired old relationsh­ip? Endlessly returning to the same old chick-lit or thriller favourites? What you need is a blind date with a book.

The trend started in Australia with Elizabeth’s Bookshop, spread to the U.S. and has now reached these shores.

Katy Lowe runs the Blind Date Book Company (theblindda­tebookcomp­ in Shrewsbury, selling novels online in plain, brown paper, tied up with ribbon, so all you know about each one is a brief teaser such as ‘Wartime. Tragic. Tender’, ‘New Era. London. Change’ and ‘Honour. Prejudice. Soldier.’

Katy says: ‘Take a leap of faith. You never know, you could end up falling in love!’.

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