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Drug addict’s £100k bill for methadone


A DRUG addicted mother has been receiving the state-funded heroin substitute methadone for 18 years.

Cheryl Rannie, 35, whose habit has cost the taxpayer well over £100,000, has been taking methadone for more than half of her life.

And despite the legal drug being designed to help addicts quit, a court was told yesterday that Rannie had continued to take heroin also for several years.

Rannie was back in court to admit swallowing a drugs package during a police raid on her home in Perth on March 22 this year.

Fiscal depute Tina Dickie told Perth Sheriff Court: ‘She was to be searched by two female police officers. As she handed her top to the officers she put her hand inside her bra, took out a small package which she then placed into her mouth and swallowed. She told police it was only 0.4 grams of heroin.’

Rannie admitted intentiona­lly obstructin­g police officers by swallowing the controlled drug and was placed on supervisio­n for eight months.

Her solicitor Jamie Baxter said: ‘Other than the foolhardy and dangerous step of swallowing the package, she fully cooperated with police.

‘She has committed a number of offences, all of which were to fund her drug habit. Her partner is also a former drug user. They are both on methadone prescripti­ons.’

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