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I’m not mad! Noel on pet helpline

- By Laura Lambert TV and Radio Reporter

HE HAS always had a bizarre streak, whether in extolling the ‘cancertack­ling’ virtues of electromag­netism or pledging to buy the BBC.

But Noel Edmonds has now had to defend his latest business plan – a motivation­al phone service for pets and a radio station for plants.

The TV presenter claimed yesterday that he has had 4,000 requests from pet owners asking him to give pep talks to their animals since the service was first publicised last week.

He will also launch an internet radio show for pets and another called Positively Plants, which plays music he believes will get gardens blooming.

Yet he is not willing to agree with those who think he has lost the plot, saying last night he believes he is ‘quite sane’. He added: ‘Who wants to be on the rails? I don’t live my life by a plot. We are going to make a lot of people very happy.’

Explaining the concept behind the pet radio show, he said: ‘A very large number of people turn the radio on when they go out of the house, in order that their pets have something going on in the house. It’s a very common thing, and people will be able to go on to my radio station and leave a message for their pets.’

And to get a phone call from Noel, pet owners have to fill in a form on his website and he will ring up and give the animal a pep talk. The recently axed Deal Or No Deal presenter says he has already got ‘tens of thousands of listeners’ tuning into the stations through his website Positivity Radio.

He says that he is ‘pioneering genrecasti­ng’ and aims to have 100 niche stations by next year, including a birdsong channel, a station for horses, and one to help people lose weight.

Earlier this year Edmonds hit the headlines when claiming an electromag­netic pulse machine he uses could ‘tackle cancer’. He came under fire from cancer-sufferers who said he was giving false hope, and the manufactur­ers of the machine also rubbished his claims. And in 2014 he said he was preparing to buy the BBC with the help of a group of wealthy investors.

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Radio ga-ga: Noel Edmonds

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