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Would you pay £50 for cellulite busters


IT SOUNDS like a dream come true — a pair of tights that don’t just make your legs look good while you’re wearing them.

No, a new arrival in the hosiery section claims to actually make your cellulite disappear.

The opaque Beauty Tights, made by shapewear brand ITEM m6, promise to give the immediate appearance of smoother skin and slimmer legs underneath your clothes — and also attack cellulite. They are made from a high-tech yarn that contains tiny particles of ceramic crystals.

These, the company claims, reflect the wearer’s body heat and convert it into infrared radiation, which supposedly penetrates deeper layers of skin and stimulates the breakdown of fat cells.

The tights — which are made of a special compressio­n fabric and take a bit of a wriggle to get on — also help to smooth away any surface dimpling of the skin.

So, what’s the drawback? The extortiona­te price — which is just as astonishin­g as the claims made for these tights.

At £50 a pair, you’re going to need a very posh bottle of nail varnish to patch up any ladders you get during the course of the day.

Beauty Tights, £49.90 from

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