Scottish Daily Mail



QUICK QUIZ ANSWERS: 1 Denis. 2 Oasis. 3 Diane James. 4 Fred Trueman. 5 Bogota.

MINDBENDER ANSWERS: 1 18 and 21. 2 They may all precede half. 3 Westhead. 4 Michael; the others (with Peter) are the children in The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe. 5 One way is: i, in, tin, tins, inset, tennis, intents, tinniest, insistent.

SCOTS QUIZ ANSWERS: 1 Scott is allegedly ‘tedious, boring and long-winded’. 2 The Western Isles. 3 Michelle Mone. 4 Shirley Henderson. 5 Deacon Brodie. 6 Light the gas street-lamps at dusk.

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