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AmeliA clArk is from northumber­land and works as a junior account executive in london. RELUCTANTL­Y, I decided about a month ago to stop wearing this coat so much, particular­ly when I’m at work in London.

It’s a beautiful design and I love it, but I think it’s overworn right now. If I go out wearing it, I can tell some people are looking at me as if it’s to say: ‘Look, she’s got that coat,’ when the truth is I bought mine months ago and, at the time, I didn’t know anyone who had one.

I first realised it was becoming a popular design a couple of weeks after I bought it in April. Now, you see it everywhere and it’s a little frustratin­g.

I still wear it when I go back home to Northumber­land because I’m less likely to bump into someone wearing it.

Having said that, I know some of my mother’s friends have bought it, so you never know.

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