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Alice FrAnces works in a bookshop. she’s single and lives in south london. she’s the blogger who set up the coat’s instagram page. I FIRST realised how popular this coat was at the Chelsea Flower Show. My sister was wearing it and we suddenly started seeing it everywhere. Once you’ve spotted it a few times, you just keep seeing it — on the bus, at lunch time, at a wedding — and that’s why we set up an Instagram account where we could post pictures of other women wearing it. I think it appeals to all ages because it is incredibly elegant. It also has a ‘Chanel-esque’ feel to it. Although I liked it, I didn’t buy one at first, as I didn’t want a coat everyone had. But recently I cracked and decided I had to have it, too, especially now it’s got cult status. It’s such a versatile style — it can be worn with jeans, with a dress — dressed up or down.

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