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AbigAil bryAns runs a small business making handmade personal gifts. The mother of three lives in south london with her son Fergus. I DON’T feel too old for Zara clothes. My only gripe is that the dresses tend to be too short, but I often buy their sweaters and coats. I was in the changing room when I spotted this coat on someone else. I didn’t even try it on. I just knew I liked it. The blue-andwhite pattern is so eye-catching and the cut suits young and old, which is unusual. The only downside is the fact so many other people love it as much as me. I wore it quite a bit when I bought it, but I’ve given it to my daughter, who’s at Exeter University, because it would be embarrassi­ng to turn up at a function and be wearing the same coat as someone else. But when the craze dies down, I will ask for it back because I do love it. It hasn’t bobbled like some cheaper coats, so I’m confident it will last.

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