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I call them hypocrites


IT’S true that conservati­onists are anti-human (Mail) and they’re also hypocritic­al. They want secure, warm, well-fed lives, with high incomes, from usually unproducti­ve, tax-funded jobs, with fast, easy travel to anywhere they choose in the world, while continuall­y attacking the industries that give them all this.

Their perpetual scaremonge­ring is used as an excuse by irresponsi­ble politician­s and officials to shut down industries in Britain, imposing ever greater taxes/regulation­s that add hugely to energy and other costs that are making wealth-creating industries like steel hopelessly uncompetit­ive for home and export trade.

Food production is also ending very fast, because of an ever-growing mass of fanaticall­y enforced regulation­s that are being used to make fishing and farming — especially with animals — uneconomic and too much worry to try carrying on.

When home production ends, food prices will rocket as foreign suppliers will be able to charge anything they like — and will. C. V. CAteAuX, Goodwick, Pembs.

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