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Labour-saving advice


I am not one of its supporters, but as someone who has a passion for democracy I am increasing­ly concerned that the once-great Labour Party is now being run and controlled by a load of Left-wing militants who will, if they get a chance, prevent debate and become a baying mob.

The Labour Party today is a joke but potentiall­y a very dangerous one which could ruin the UK.

What I would say to all those fairminded people who have traditiona­lly voted Labour is join your local branches and regain control of your party. Then and only then will it ever have any chance of becoming a government again.

Finally, I would like to say well done to those Labour MPs who continue to stand up and defy their leader, for the core true policies of a modern Labour Party not those of a Left-wing militant group. Peter rAmSAy, helensburg­h.

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