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Dangerous memories


I’M now in my upper-70s and, like many old folk, get together from time to time with old mates to relive events of derring-do from our youth.

Obviously, we all have pin-sharp memories of those times. Sadly, they’re rarely the same. But each of us is convinced that our recollecti­on is the true one. Probably, were the truth known, none of us is right.

So how can anyone accused of historic crimes, where memories are the sole evidence, stand a chance of justice? For all but the most serious of allegation­s, there should be a statute of limitation­s.

I doubt if this would be popular with ambulance-chasing lawyers or the more extreme sections of the human rights industry, but it would release police from pursuing cases, often at horrendous expense, where there’s no realistic chance of a safe conviction. ALLAN GOFFee, Peasmarsh, Sussex.

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