Scottish Daily Mail

Life of a traveller

- JOAN HARKNESS, Scarboroug­h, North Yorks.

I WaS interested in Sarah Willingham’s plans to take her family travelling (Mail) because I did something similar many years ago.

It was in 1966, and I had no other adult with me, just my two small daughters, aged three and seven. In some ways, travel was more difficult and not so popular as it is today, but in other ways my journey was easier.

We didn’t go round the world: we travelled around europe, through 12 different countries. We didn’t stay in hotels or travel by train or plane, but lived and travelled in a VW converted minibus. Travelling in that way at that time with two little girls was considered a great adventure. We had many amusing incidents — and some frightenin­g ones — but it was a thoroughly worthwhile journey and I later put all our experience­s in a book which was published by the Daily Mail.

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