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Fouling up football


I’Ve been involved in grassroots football for the past 50 years and haven’t heard of any ‘new rules’ regarding penalty area activity at setpieces (Mail).

This has been going on for too long and the referees have failed in their duty to cut it out.

When one of Neville brothers, as a pundit on Match Of The Day, said it was part of the game, I was absolutely disgusted. How would he feel if he were coaching youngsters and one of them said he was allowed to pull, tug and wrestle with an opponent in the penalty area?

If the profession­als want this practice to continue, why don’t they have ‘rugby rules’ in the penalty area? No wonder exprofessi­onals (and pundits) never make good referees: they’ve cheated for too many seasons and just don’t know the rules.

BRIAN HUBBALL, Flitwick, Beds.

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